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Getting life figured out is complicated. 

Our mission is simple: to help you find your God-given mission.
We filter complicated topics through the simple lens of the Gospel.

Here's what The Simple Mission has for you.


A space of intentional posts about finding your mission, the Bible, and relationships.



Listen to our conversations on Christian living & submit your questions for us to answer.



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latest posts

Our Top 20 Favorite Books: Christian, Business, Mental Health, & Personal Growth

We are changing things up by releasing a post that shares 20 of our favorite books (10 from Lianna & 10 from David). We realized that books have...

The Struggle To Save Sex For Marriage – Real Truths & Practical Tips

In the first season of The Simple Mission Podcast, we came out with an episode all about purity knowing very little that it would be our most...

Do You Have The Evidence? Fruits of the Spirit – Simple Bible Study

Today we are going to go over the evidence of the Spirit. This is something that we are sure most of you know about or have heard about. As many...

Setting Boundaries As A Christian

We all deal with boundaries in our lives: crosswalks, warning signs, lane lines for highways, fences, gates, property lines, and so on. But, that is...

Ephesians 5 – Simple Bible Study (Part 1)

Welcome to our very first Bible study at The Simple Mission blog. This bible study on Ephesians 5 and future studies will be in a series called...

7 Areas of Influence To Keep Watch Over Your Mind

How can you tell who has power and influence over your mind? And, how do you know what areas of influence to watch out for? This is what this post...

Preparing for Marriage For Singles, Dating, & Engaged

Over the “break,” we took our time time to pray and think about the future content of  what our next blog posts/podcast episodes to focus on. Lianna...

You Can Be An Advocate In A Biblical Way

This is not a topic that we were planning on writing about this month of June. However, we do realize that this is timely in the state of chaos,...

Sharing How We Became Debt-Free As Newlyweds In 6 Months

We Share In Full Details Of How We Became Debt-Free We are excited to share our full story on how we became debt-free as newlyweds. We have three...

latest episodes

52. Money (Pt.1)- How Should We View It Biblically?

Money is important to God. Did you know that? Or did you think money was evil? We want to break down what God says about money, wealth, how to view it, and how to manage. But, first, we have to understand as Christians how we are called to view the money God has given...

51. Jealousy & Envy: How to Break Free With Contentment

Jealousy and envy. We've all dealt with having these ugly feelings, emotions, and thoughts about our life and about other people. As we shared in our introduction, we will be sharing some heavier and lighter examples of dealing with jealousy/envy, like longing for...

50. How are YOU? // Questions, Online Influence & Trends We’ve Noticed

We are officially back with season 4! But, we are starting our first episode a bit differently than we've done. We want to have a conversation with YOU. Yes, you, the listeners, and just ask, "How are you?" In the day and age of always being busy, being on our phones,...

49. Relatable Life Struggles – Dealing with Pride & Lack of Prayer {BONUS}

Are you having a difficult time to pray to God? If so, why? What about dealing with a lot of pride in your heart? How can you combat that? For this one & only bonus episode before we are officially back (which is very soon btw), we wanted to share what we've...

48. Why Setting Boundaries Is Important As A Christian + Quick Tips On How

Setting the right boundaries in your life can make a massive impact and will get you started off on a good track on your God-given mission. As Christians, we have a more difficult time to set boundaries or even realize we need boundaries. First, we debunk all the lies...

47. 6 Popular Bible Verses Often Taken Out Of Context

Most of us can admit that we have all done this: go to the Bible, attempt to find a specific bible verse that will suit our needs, argument, sin, or lifestyle. But, this is so dangerous and damaging. When the bible is taken out of context or misused, we are pointing...

46. Staying Pure Within Marriage – Protect Your Marriage With Purity

Within the church and among Christians, we hear the message of staying pure and saving sex for marriage over and over again. But, no one really goes over on maintaining godly purity even after you get married. Maintaining purity is stressed so much before marriage,...

45. Combining Business With A Gospel-Mindset

We have wanted to talk about business, but never could really grasp what God wanted us to share. So, this episode is all about combining business and the gospel. If you are a business person or want to get into business, the reality is that we are in business, whether...

44. Do You Have The Evidence – Simple Bible Study

Even though the fruits of the Holy Spirit are one of the most well-known sections of the Bible, you might surprised that there are much to study and expand on. First, we highlight on what qualities or "fruits" won't get you into heaven, and then we go over each fruit...

43. Stand For Truth & Keep Showing Up (feat. Chelsey DeMatteis)

We are honored to bring you a special guest today, Chelsey DeMatteis! She is a wife, SAHM, devotional writer, and podcast host of the Living With Less Podcast! We asked all about her testimony, standing for the truth, biblical expectations, and how to overcome being...

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