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Have you felt like figuring out your purpose is complicated?

Don’t worry. You’re in the right place. Our mission is simple: to help you find your mission, according to God’s plan. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Here's what The Simple Mission has for you.


A space of intentional posts about finding your mission, faith, and personal advice. 



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Latest Posts

Who Has The Power Over Your Mind?

Yes, we asked the question, "Who has the power over your mind?" But, don't worry, we aren't talking about the Force from Star Wars, but if you put it that way, it is kind of similar. How can you...

Preparing for Marriage For Singles, Dating, & Engaged

Over the “break,” we took our time time to pray and think about the future content of  what our next blog posts/podcast episodes to focus on. Lianna and I (David) had this feeling to write about how...

You Can Be An Advocate In A Biblical Way

This is not a topic that we were planning on writing about this month of June. However, we do realize that this is timely in the state of chaos, hate, and turmoil in our current society in the...

Sharing How We Became Debt-Free As Newlyweds In 6 Months

We Share In Full Details Of How We Became Debt-Free We are excited to share our full story on how we became debt-free as newlyweds. We have three steps or tips on how we did it, but you do not have...

4 Simple Steps To Discover Your Mission

Living Out Your Mission Is A Life-Long Journey Discovering your mission is a journey and it can change depending on what season of life you're currently in and in the near future. In my opinion, one...

Self-Helping Your Way Through Life – Addressing Hustle Culture

I am finally calling out the self-help culture & the toxic hustle culture that we have been wrapped up in more lately. It does not be only from books (although I will get into that more in this...

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay – Tips To Get Unstuck

If you have ever asked yourself, "Will I be okay?" Please take a quick read at how it's okay to not be okay, but we are not called to live in it. Obviously, it is okay to not be okay sometimes for a...

To The Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Here Are Some Tips For This Valentine’s Day

Whether single, dating, engaged, or married, YOU are loved On Valentine’s Day. Here are some quick tips we have come up with over the years that we have been single, dating, engaged, and married....

3 Types of Clutter: How To Start Decluttering As A Beginner

At the beginning of the new year, it can encourage us to start fresh, like decluttering our clutter. So, we cannot wait to show you what we have been learning and loving so far. One important...

The Ultimate Gift You Can Give Is Mercy

I was sitting in church this week and I was very touched on what my pastor spoke about the issue of mercy, especially during the Christmas season. He began to talk about three parables in Luke 15...

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