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Getting life figured out is complicated. 

Our mission is simple: to help you find your God-given mission.
We filter complicated topics through the simple lens of the Gospel.

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All poems are written by Lianna Bond. Poems about faith, hard things, & relationships


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Why It’s Wise To Have Routines & Plans In The Midst of An Unknown Future

It can be easy for us to plainly explain how to create or start a routine and why it is important for your success and future. But, how can we truly...

Loving Others As Yourself: Simple Bible Study (Matthew 22)

In starting to study this section in Matthew 22, there were some things that were going on in our early marriage when we had to set some boundaries...

How To Read & Study The Bible (and Our *Personal* Experiences with the Bible)

How many of you have made these excuses: “I am too busy to read my bible,” “I just can not find the time to study God’s Word,” “ I’ll get my bible...

2022 Planning: How to realistically plan your schedule, goals, & habits

This is Part 2 of our 2022 Planning; if you missed Part 1, go read 2022 Planning: 3 Ways to Align With God While Planning Your Schedule, Goals,...

2022 Planning: 3 Ways to Align With God While Planning Your Schedule, Goals, & Habits

Picture this: you are scrolling on YouTube and you are recommended to watch some vlogger or influencer’s morning routine, so you watch it. They...

Esther: Maintaining Peace (Part 4 of 4) – Simple Bible Study

Since this is part 4 of 4 of Esther, we wanted to do something different to end this Bible study well. We will briefly go over the last three...

Esther: For Such A Time As This (Part 2 of 4) – Simple Bible Study

It's Part 2 of Esther, and we will cover chapters 3 - 5 on this Simple Bible Study. If you are wanting an overview of the book of Esther, haven't...

Esther: God Is On The Move (Part 1 of 4) – Simple Bible Study

We (David + Lianna) are extremely excited to release the 4-part Simple Bible Study series on Esther, and get intentional on studying the Word of...

Esther: Good Triumphs Over Evil (Part 3 of 4) – Simple Bible Study

Here we are at part 3 of 4 for the Esther - Simple Bible Study, and we are halfway there! 🙂 If you haven't read Week One of Esther yet, we totally...

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69. Summertime – How are you spending it? {BONUS}

Hi there! We missed being on the podcast just chatting with y'all - we are doing a quick episode on our thoughts we have had this summer over "summertime" and spending time with God... Sometimes, we can be so looking forward to summer, mostly to relax, to go on...

68. Building Intimacy In Marriage

We know that hearing the word “intimacy” may make you scared or want to run away. But what about in marriage?? There are many types of intimacy that we found researching this (12?!) and we think that gets way too complicated and mostly unnecessary to have all of them....

67. Spiritual Highs – Staying Consistent In Your Relationship With God

WE STARTED OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL! We named it David & Lianna Bond since it's more about our lives but it is still a part of The Simple Mission! Head over to watch our first video & be sure to subscribe to be notified for new updates &...

66. Good Words, Bad Words & Tips On Speaking Good: James 3 Bible Study (Part 2)

Why is it important to speak good words? To reveal if you are a true believer of Jesus Christ or do not know God at all. And, to bring life, not death, to believers and non-believers. We continue on in our James 3 Bible Study and in Part 2, we share examples of good...

65. Taming The Tongue: James 3 Bible Study (Part 1)

Do you all feel like what you say gets you into trouble a lot? Is what you are thinking or commenting online not really the best? We all certainly struggle with our words and the power of our tongue can build up or tear down. Often, our words comes from our thoughts...

64. Pastoring in Youth Ministry, The Youth’s Struggles, & Thoughts on Church Hurt (feat. Clayton & Abigail Sullivan)

We have two special guests on the podcast: Pastor Clayton & Abigail Sullivan. They are youth and young adults pastors at Church of Hope in Corpus Christi, Texas. We have great conversations on the recent struggles of the youth and how we can better relate to the...

63: Un-Forgiveness – The Effects, How to Forgive, & What God Says

The difficult truth is that there is no perfect forgiveness. We can listen to this episode and do so much better with it, however we are all human and our first instinct is to get angry and hold grudges. That's the truth.  Practicing forgiveness is extremely valuable...

62. Church Hurt – Let’s Talk About It

We have heard so many stories and experiences regarding church hurt and it really makes us sad because we know what and how the church should be according to God's Word. The church was designed and built for the lost, to have a safe place to be able to share their...

61. Chasing Your Dreams Through Passion & Determination (feat. Aaron Gomez, A.G.)

"The ones who succeed are the ones who don't quit." Those are the words from this podcast episode featuring Aaron Gomez, known also as A.G. who is a RIAA PLATINUM PRODUCER, IS ON 2X #1 ALBUMS & IS A TOP 40 BILLBOARD AWARD WINNER. He has produced songs with Kanye...

60: Becoming Full-Time Entrepreneurs – Trusting God, mindset shift, routines & more

At the beginning of 2022, Lianna and I (David) became full-time entrepreneurs. No more benefits, no more punching in the clock. We were punching our own clock now and make our own schedules. This episode is all about the transition, struggles, and the real moments of...

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Off The Tracks

Here we are Stranded on the train Running off the tracks But You promised me That this was the way To go So here we go Running off the tracks   Here I am, gasping  For air  Raindrops falling  From my cheeks When I realized How you really  Thought of me It hit me like...


In search For more… Longing For more… For what? I don’t know   All I know Is that There is a  Growing, Gaping, Darkening Hole Inside me   And it Longs And it Searches  To be Filled up But how? I don’t know  Thank you for reading,   Lianna Bond


I look around intensely Focused on the droplets, Minuscule, really, Of the crimson trails following Behind each poor soul That I encounter   I look back, bewildered At the massive wave, Colossal, really,  Of my own crimson tide  That was about To overtake me   There’s...

Be Still

Sounds, Mind, Distractions, Noise, Busyness, Hustle, Excuses Never any time Now I am drowning, I need to get out of my own way   So I can be still… But,  Why do I want to be still again? I seemed to have forgotten The truth   Anyways,  How do I be still In this world,...

Before the Miracle

Prayer, I have realized, Is not a wish-list, To air out my requests, For miracles I long for To come true   This is what prayer is: It is to seek You When You are near It is being committed  To listen and obey  Even when it’s not  What I want   Worship, I have...

Hold Me

Hold me close to You Hold me in my time of need I need You Embrace me I have nobody else but You Hold me close to You   I can’t look back in the past I can’t believe what I’ve done I did not know who I was I had been robbed  Of my sweet innocence I did not know who I...


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