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Figuring out your God-given mission does not have to be complicated. Rather, it is simple.

Hosted by David + Lianna (that’s us!), we seek to equip others to read, study, and know the Bible, learn more of who God is, what He has done, and His mission for us. 

We filter complicated topics through the simple lens of the Gospel.

We go over a variety of topics, like church, family issues, staying pure, divorce, marriage, simple living, finding community, mental health, and more.




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S3E10: 6 Popular Bible Verses Often Taken Out of Context

Most of us can admit that we have all done this: go to the Bible, attempt to find a specific bible verse that will suit our needs, argument, sin, or lifestyle. But, this is so dangerous and damaging. When the bible is taken out of context or misused, we are pointing...

S3E9: Staying Pure Within Marriage – It’s Not About You

Within the church and among Christians, we hear the message of staying pure and saving sex for marriage over and over again. But, no one really goes over on maintaining godly purity even after you get married. Maintaining purity is stressed so much before marriage,...

S3E8- Combining Business With A Gospel-Mindset

We have wanted to talk about business, but never could really grasp what God wanted us to share. So, this episode is all about combining business and the gospel. If you are a business person or want to get into business, the reality is that we are in business, whether...

S3E7: Do You Have The Evidence – Simple Bible Study

Even though the fruits of the Holy Spirit are one of the most well-known sections of the Bible, you might surprised that there are much to study and expand on. First, we highlight on what qualities or "fruits" won't get you into heaven, and then we go over each fruit...

S3E6: Stand For Truth & Keep Showing Up (feat. Chelsey DeMatteis)

We are honored to bring you a special guest today, Chelsey DeMatteis! She is a wife, SAHM, devotional writer, and podcast host of the Living With Less Podcast! We asked all about her testimony, standing for the truth, biblical expectations, and how to overcome being...

S3E5: Life Update – Our Goals, Changes For 2021 & Quick Q&A

It’s been on our hearts for the past month to do a life update and we added a quick Q&A at the end. We wanted to give y'all a fresh look into our lives as we continue in the journey into 2021.Since we all are on the learning journey called life, we wanted to share...

S3E4: The Perfect Church Doesn’t Exist – Church Hunters

We continue on the conversation on Church Hunters, starting from our journey of church-hunting. Today, we are going over  why church-hunting is the answer, the difference between church-hopping and church-hunting, and when and how do you know that this church you are...

S3E3: How To Get Over Being Intimidated By The Bible with Phylicia Masonheimer

Today, you are in for a treat! We are joined with Phylicia Masonheimer, a best-selling author of Stop Calling Me Beautiful, theologian, and hosts her podcast, Verity.  We asked her all about how to not get intimidated by the Bible, why reading the Bible is important,...

S3E2: Finding a Church Home – Church Hunters

During the year 2020, during the pandemic, we decided to leave the church that we got married in. After visiting two churches later, we are back at the same church. We wanted to share our journey of church-hunting because it is a subject not shared much online for...

S3E1: Why Read The Bible?

Why read the Bible?  Isn't it outdated and written by people who have been dead for centuries? How is it relevant to me today? We first have to understand: what is the Bible?  We go over a brief overview on the Bible, like what's in the Old Testament and the New...

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