Figuring out your mission from God does not have to be complicated. Rather, it is simple. We will bring you along as we talk about relationships, family, marriage, college life, simple living, business. 

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02: Finding a Church Home – Church Hunters

During the year 2020, during the pandemic, we decided to leave the church that we got married in. After visiting two churches later, we are back at the same church. We wanted to share our journey of church-hunting because it is a subject not shared much online for...

01: Why Read The Bible?

Why read the Bible?  Isn't it outdated and written by people who have been dead for centuries? How is it relevant to me today? We first have to understand: what is the Bible?  We go over a brief overview on the Bible, like what's in the Old Testament and the New...

00: Introducing Season 3 – The Simple Mission Podcast

Y'all, we are back! Enjoy this intro episode on what to expect for season 3, updates on our lives, & a new segment we will bring onto the show! Newest thing we're doing: “Submit your question” will be up now for season 3! If you have any good questions, send us...

BONUS: Follow HIS Calling, Not Your Own

In this day and age, we feel entitled to have everything we want within our grasp and at the time we want it. We want  because we deserve it. We want our dreams to be achieved without ever lifting a finger to put in the hard work. And the worst part is that we think...

BONUS: Reduce Holiday Stress With 3 Simple Ideas

Since we know that the holidays are approaching, things can get crazy and a bit stressful. From Scheduling parties, events, family gatherings to attempting to stay on budget to creating boundaries to remembering why we celebrate. We wanted to share 3 Simple Ideas and...

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