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Why read the Bible?  Isn’t it outdated and written by people who have been dead for centuries? How is it relevant to me today? We first have to understand: what is the Bible? 

We go over a brief overview on the Bible, like what’s in the Old Testament and the New Testament, and why they still matter today. If you live in the United States like us, you must realize how blessed we are to be able to go to church, read the Bible, and be Christians without any fear or persecution. We have it so good here, but people in China or other countries that have limited their religious freedom cannot have a Bible in their own homes. But, we can easily access the Bible with one click of our phones.

Yet, many people, even Christians, in the U.S. do not read the Bible. Or, if they do, it is only opened at church services on Sundays. We wanted to share with you the basics of the Bible, for those who are intimidated, who thinks reading the Bible is boring, or think they are too far gone to go back to the Word of God.

We also share some quick tips on how to get started on reading the Bible if you are a new believer and have never touched a Bible or if you are a longtime believer who want a more stronger relationship with God.

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