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What is Patreon?


Patreon is a monthly-subscription membership platform that makes it easy for creators, like us, be supported financially.


Why did we start Patreon?


We wanted to be able to bring you the content – both the podcast & blog – that YOU love… without the interruptions of any advertisements. (Who likes advertisements, anyways?).

It is also a way for YOU, the listener or reader, to connect with us directly AND other people on Patreon, a tightly-knit community within The Simple Mission.


What do I get out of Patreon?

One BIG reason is when you support The Simple Mission on Patreon, you contribute to this ministry & mission to help us to continue impact future listeners & readers’ lives through God’s Word. Isn’t that so amazing?

And, another BONUS is that you will also have exclusive access to our Patron-only, private chats, posts, group community, handwritten letters from us, and free gifts!


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