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One BIG reason is when you support The Simple Mission on Patreon, you contribute to this ministry & mission to help us to continue impact future listeners & readers’ lives through God’s Word. Isn’t that so amazing?

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Reviews From Listeners



This podcast is so wonderful and you won’t regret it! They’re such an amazing couple who worked so hard for this and now they finally did it all because of God. I’m so proud!

– libjonz

Reviews From Listeners



It is very exciting to have a podcast created by young people about God. Seems like having God in our lives has become less and less popular and I truly hope this brings more young people to find a love of God and their purpose. As a young person with Faith, it’s nice to have this podcast to relate to.

– Perffffffff

Reviews From Listeners



Wow. Even after the first episode David and Lianna seem to be very intentional in everything the do with the start of this podcast. If you’re young, married, or single who loves the Lord, this podcast is for you!!

– BigStufrox16

Reviews From Listeners


Such a great podcast

Love the podcast and love listening to Lianna & David talk about their mission in helping others find their mission in life.

– doglover13

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