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You are here to find out what The Simple Mission is all about, right? Look no further.

First of all, we strongly believe that everyone has a mission in life. We passionately desire to help each person to find their mission, set goals, get a plan, and to chase after their dreams, all according to God’s plan.

Because our lives are not our own.

We chose the name, The Simple Mission, because figuring out your mission in life does not have to be complicated; rather, it is simple.

There is no need to make things so confusing, daunting, and complex. We are fierce believers in Jesus Christ, and this should be evident in every aspect of our lives.

Jesus lived simply, so why shouldn’t we do the same? Let’s go back to the basics, but first, we know you are asking…

How can The Simple Mission help me?



And, we get it. You don’t have a ton of time on your hands. So, we made it simple for you. We got something for you to read on the go.

Here are some of the most-read blog posts we have written below.

Sharing How We Became Debt-Free As Newlyweds In 6 Months

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Tips To Uncover Your Purpose & Mission

Establishing Your Morning Routine

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We’re newlyweds in our twenties, living for Jesus while being real & open about our life. Figuring out your mission from God does not have to be complicated. Rather, it is simple. We bring you along as we talk about relationships, marriage, family, college life, simple living, & business.

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However, if you have a little more time on your hands, check out this book. It’s short & sweet and we think you will really like it. Want more info on this book?

More on the people behind The Simple Mission

Thanksgiving has always made us feel so warm on the inside. Sharing our gratitude to God and to each other. Giving thanks is much more than doing this on Thanksgiving. This is a daily, continual practice that can be done within a few minutes of slowing down, taking in the day that is unfolding before you, and thanking God in the middle of it all. A month into our marriage, as newlyweds, we each made a gratitude list of things we are thankful for to keep ourselves in check. It is a simple way to remind ourselves of what we do have versus what we do not have.


We were on our first date, sipping on a cup of coffee having the most real, open, honest, and transparent conversation we ever had.

Our conversation was authentic and genuine. We both listened to each other and shared our past, our dreams, and our inspirations.

To sum it up, that evening was so rare and memorable. We knew we were meant to be together, with a mission from God.

Here’s the timeline: we met in August 2018, got engaged in December 2018, then 6 months later on June 22nd, 2019, we got married. Pretty crazy story, right?

Less than two months into marriage, we started The Simple Mission. If we were not going to start now, we probably wouldn’t have ever done it. (Read more on this story here…)

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