the heart behind the simple mission


First of all, hello!!!

Our names are David & Lianna Bond and we are glad that you decided to be here!


We strongly believe that everyone has a mission in life. We passionately desire to help each person to find their mission, set goals, get a plan, and to chase after their dreams, all according to God’s plan.

Because our lives are not our own.

We chose the name, The Simple Mission, because figuring out your mission in life does not have to be complicated; rather, it is simple.

We filter complicated topics through the simple lens of the Gospel.


See what we have for you.



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Do You Have The Evidence? Fruits of the Spirit – Simple Bible Study

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Tips To Uncover Your Purpose and Mission

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Self-Helping Your Way Through Life – Addressing Hustle Culture

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2022 Planning: How to realistically plan your schedule, goals, & habits

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Setting Boundaries As A Christian

We all deal with boundaries in our lives: crosswalks, warning signs, lane lines for highways, fences, gates, property lines, and so on. But, that is...

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