About Us

David & Lianna Bond

Founders of The Simple Mission 


We are a newly married, young couple on a mission to help you find your mission, according to God’s plan.


We were on our first date, sipping on a cup of coffee having the most real, open, honest, and transparent conversation we ever had. Our conversation was authentic and genuine. We both listened to each other and shared our past, our dreams, and our inspirations. 

To sum it up, that evening was so rare and memorable. We knew we were meant to be together, with a mission from God. Here’s the timeline: we met in August 2018, got engaged in December 2018, then 6 months later on June 22nd, 2019, we got married. Pretty crazy story, right? 


We strongly believe that everyone has a mission in life. We passionately desire to help each person to find their mission, set goals, get a plan, and to chase after their dreams.

We chose the name, The Simple Mission, because figuring out your mission in life does not have to be complicated; rather, it is simple. How? It is through God’s Word according to His plan. We are fierce believers in Jesus Christ, and this is evident in every aspect of our lives. 

We know you are probably wondering…

How can The Simple Mission help me?

This website includes a blog and future podcast written by us, to share our story. We strive intentionally to discover our passions that can transform into a true mission with actionable goals. 

Even though you may already know your passions, it can be difficult to know what to do from there. First, you find your identity in Jesus Christ, propelling you to pursue your mission without fears holding you back. Then you are guided on how to live simply for Jesus while pursuing your mission.

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For any speaking engagements, please do not hesitate to email us via bond.simplemission@gmail.com

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