Work Hard, Pay The Price, Make It Happen

How One Simple Lesson On Hard Work Altered My Life


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The book is for you.

If you are in need of fire-filled encouragement and figuring out the next step of your life, this is for you.

This book is for the unsuccessful, the lost, the left out, the overlooked, and the ones that do not know their purpose or mission in life.

Work Hard, Pay The Price, Make It Happen is the perfect book for anyone who does not really have their life figured out but is willing to try something new, innovative, and simple.

More About Author

David Bond is the author of his first book, Work Hard, Pay The Price, Make It Happen. He and his wife, Lianna, are co-founders of The Simple Mission where they help people find their mission, and host The Simple Mission Podcast together.

David was raised in a small town in Bellville, Texas, just outside of Houston where he learned the value of hard work. He graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in business management.

David is a true entrepreneur at heart, started his landscaping company in 2018, kicked off The Simple Mission with his wife in 2019, and is now publishing his first book in 2020, this one!

David adores his wife, loves his family and happily resides in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Are you working hard, paying the price everyday but life seems to happen? Do you want to get off the couch and really make your life happen?


These three simple principles seem so complicated, but, in reality, they are quite simple.


It is hard to understand our purpose in life because we are often too afraid to do something new, different, and exciting…and then fail.


He realized he had to work hard, just pure, good ole hard work. Just like he learned back when he was just a young boy. David had to mentally go back to his roots, being grounded in God’s Word and applying the value of working hard, paying the price, and making it happen each day.


From these three principles, this is where David began to grow, in his professional and personal life.

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“My intention of writing this book is to change, impact, and motivate you by sharing my successes and failures.”

-David Bond, Work Hard, Pay The Price, Make It Happen

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