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We are officially BACK! Season 2 of The Simple Mission Podcast — First, we got more topics YOU wanted us to cover like family, hard stuff, relationships, marriage, and everyday Christian life tips, and we brought in amazing guests for the FIRST TIME ever! We are so sure you will love them! And, as you can tell, we even revamped our intro & outro! But, without further ado, here is what we got here for season 2.


We share about the format of the show moving forward, our personal life focusing on our marriage, future family (one day), & writing our book, and addressing the impact that the pandemic has had on the podcast.


We are also introducing our Patreon that will help you support us AND keep the podcast AD-FREE. We would love to bless you back with FREE gifts, like free books, handwritten letters from us, and shout-outs on the podcast! To join in or for more info, go to patreon.com/thesimplemission


Are you loving this podcast? Go to our Patreon to support us & keep the podcast ad-free & we want to bless you back, https://www.patreon.com/thesimplemission 


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