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Starting a morning routine (or any kind of routine) can be so difficult to do, but it can be done. Join the conversation as we share what our morning routine was like before we first MET each other. You might be surprised on what you might hear.

Then, we share about our morning routine when we first got married…which was almost non-existent. We had a hard time adjusting to married life, and that carried into creating our routines.
We realized in order to start a morning routine, we needed to keep things simple and get our priorities aligned with the Word of God.

However, we know that everyone is in a different season in their lives, so every morning routine looks unique for each person. For example, a college student’s morning routine contrasts with a mom taking care of her children. This is extremely important to note.

Don’t miss the ending where we list our tips on how you can establish your morning routine…starting today!

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Soundtrack music is produced by A.G., “27”; thank you for your unique sound!
You can hear more from A.G and his work at WavvRunner.com

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