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Today, you are in for a treat! We are joined with Phylicia Masonheimer, a best-selling author of Stop Calling Me Beautiful, theologian, and hosts her podcast, Verity.  We asked her all about how to not get intimidated by the Bible, why reading the Bible is important, and practical and inspiring tips to get started right now. She even encouraged us as well, especially on to not worry about having to know everything about the Bible all at once.

Here are some main ideas that we addressed in this episode:


– There is no such thing as having the perfect quiet time to read the Bible. There is no reason to freak out or to wonder why your Bible reading routine is not “Instagram-worthy”. God just wants you, and He is available all the time, not just in the morning.

– If you want to read the Bible or to study the Bible deeper, get to the heart of WHY you want to read and should read as a follower of Christ.

– Don’t abandon reading the Bible by ONLY reading devotionals. Then, you will never experience the true knowledge of the truth of God’s Word.

– It’s possible to still have your Bible study routine even when life gets crazy and busy, with college, career, marriage, and having children. It will just look different than previously, and you have to adapt and be flexible. But, you will never stop needing Jesus and His Word.


Of course, we had to ask her about her book, Stop Calling Me Beautiful, what it is all about, and where you can find it. Listen to the golden episode and learn more on how to get over being intimidated by the Bible.


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Go to Phylicia’s Home Website, https://phyliciamasonheimer.com/

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