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We have officially made it to ONE FULL YEAR of MARRIAGE! First of all, we cannot believe that the year just flew by so quickly & we still feel like we just got married, like, yesterday. However, we want to be honest & authentic on our first year if marriage and show behind the scenes of funny moments & hard lessons we’ve learned.

There’s so much that can be said about our first year of marriage. That’s why we are going to split it into two-parts episode. First, we want to share the main categories in which newlyweds struggle with in their first year of marriage: money and finances, in-laws, time management and schedules, personal time & space, housework/house roles, & intimacy/sex.

Part ONE consists of: preparing for marriage, first year of marriage is a year of transition and learning one another, being seen fully, COMMUNICATION, blessings of marriage, truly turn from your spouse’s past, conflict is unavoidable but how you fight is important, setting boundaries with opposite sex & social media, healthy confrontation, finances, the little things matter, and more.

No matter how much you can “prepare” before getting married, the first year (& maybe the second year too) is a year of transition, learning one another, and adjusting to living together. 

Be ready for part 2 next week where we will go deeper in topics with intimacy/sex, difficult situations, expectations, family ties, & the past.

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