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Discovering your purpose & mission is a hard topic to tackle because there are so many different ways to go about it. However, this is from a biblical and Christian perspective, so this is not a “5 steps to your destiny” type of episode.


This episode goes more into learning of what God says about your purpose & mission through His Word and by prayer.


First of all, there is a difference between PURPOSE & MISSION. We define both words in this episode, and learn more about what God says about us, not what the world says.


PURPOSE is what is already instilled in you by God when He created you. This is your DRIVE to live your life.

MISSION is what you are called to do combined with God’s purpose & your passions. These are your ACTIONS in which you do with your life, driven by God’s purpose.


Bible Verses mentioned:

  • Matthew 22:37-39


To figure out your passions & what to pursue:

  • Be observant & be more self-aware. Pray to God for wisdom & revelations.


  • Look to your past. (What you loved to do as a kid)


  • Ask the people around you on which you are passionate about (you could be surprised by their answers!)


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