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This special edition episode on The Simple Mission Podcast is all about fatherhood and what it means to a true leader in your household. So fathers and men, if you’re sipping on a cup of joe or you’re headed off to work, give this episode a listen too, you won’t regret it! We discuss a wide range of topics about fatherhood, stewardship, family, setting goals, a little bit of love, marriage, how to raise kiddos and so much more. 

David had an great opportunity to get on the mic and personally interview Ryan Frederick from Fierce Marriage. He is passionate about helping men treasure Christ most and love their families. He and his wife, Selena, created Fierce Marriage and have written over 7 books so far. Their one simple mission: to point couples to Christ and commission marriages for the gospel. Together, their writing reaches millions of monthly readers around the world with the transformational message of the gospel. 

Throughout the episode you can feel the raw passion that he has for helping men of all ages, lean in to the Lord through the good times and through the rough times. 

We are thankful for having Ryan on the podcast & for sharing his heart for God & for people.


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Check out The Fierce Marriage & be encouraged, https://fiercemarriage.com/


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