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Part Two of sharing the behind the scenes of the first year of marriage is more open into the tough patches we have been through and more juicy topics, like intimacy and sex.

Being selfish. Difficult conversations (or arguments). Unmet expectations. Building Intimacy. Maintaining a sex life. Impatience. Defining our home. Family struggles. People being…weird when you get married. Introverts vs. Extroverts. Conflict management. True contentment. Advice for singles. All of these things have happened (& still occurring from time to time) during our first year of marriage.

But, that doesn’t mean that our marriage has not been amazing. Marriage has been the most challenging journey that we have chosen to be on BUT it is also the most rewarding and joyful journey as well.

Disclaimer: we do go into the transparent topic of sex and building intimacy between 13:17 – 20:28  and if this is a subject that is triggering or you just prefer to NOT listen to this (or listen to right away!) no worries!  We just wanted to disclose this because we understand not everyone would like to listen to this topic. (Sorry, mom & dad!)

Please read this next sentence carefully & take it to heart: we (David + Lianna) have gone into marriage already knowing that we won’t make each other happy. Only Jesus can truly fill our hearts and it is not up to us or our spouse to fill us because we will surely be disappointed. But, if we began to forget this, we would slowly get a little more irritated with one another and start nitpicking because we forget that we are both HUMAN. We talk a little more on contentment in single years is crucial BEFORE dating, engagement, & marriage.

But, we obviously have to share the joys of marriage that we have experienced so far during our first year: our love is grown exponentially, we started a business together (& share more on that topic!), and sharing and pursuing dreams TOGETHER as a couple and apart!

We explain the unique idea of not creating goals together, but rather dream TOGETHER. What do you want to do together as a married couple? Share your dreams with your spouse. And, it becomes your dreams, too!

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