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We are honored to bring you a special guest today, Chelsey DeMatteis! She is a wife, SAHM, devotional writer, and podcast host of the Living With Less Podcast! We asked all about her testimony, standing for the truth, biblical expectations, and how to overcome being overly self-critical. We all have learned so much in this episode and we hope and pray that when you finish the episode you can say the same.


Here are some main ideas that we addressed in this episode:

– How to stand firm with what the Bible says versus the world. What are the differences or characteristics between standing firm with the truth of the Bible versus what the world says and believes.

– Chelsey’s powerful testimony on how she came to Christ and shares wisdom on how she clung to the bible in times of doubt or shame.

– Staying true to the Bible and not setting overly high expectations on yourself and others.

Fears and worries before discovering God’s mission + encouragement for you to find your mission and how to keep showing up everyday


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Go to Chelsey’s Home Website, https://chelseydematteis.com/

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