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Because we are in February, the month of love, we wanted to do these special-edition episodes. First of all, this episode is all about our love story, but it is not what you would expect…


We started out single and ready to mingle… one of us did not date anyone for THREE years before dating this person. We met at a family member’s birthday party and the rest is history. Listen to the FULL episode for some crazy stories and laughs, and for part 2 for next week’s episode.

Have you pre-ordered David’s book, Work Hard, Pay The Price, Make It Happen, yet?

David’s book, Work Hard, Pay The Price, Make It Happen, is NOW available on Amazon for PRE-ORDER!!

Go to this link that will take you to Amazon for your pre-order of the eBook! His book will be officially published on Tuesday, February 18, 2020!

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