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Many of us may come from divorced families or lived through a divorce themselves. However, hardly anyone talks about what it is like to be a part of a divorced family. And, almost no one talks about how to deal with divorce and being a Christian. “No one wins at divorce; everyone loses.” – David. But, there is hope. David truly wanted to give people from a divorce background that they are not alone in this struggle of pain, the road to forgiveness, accepting God’s grace and help, and believing God is still good.


We wanted to give an insight on what it is like to be a part of a family that dealt with divorce while being believers of Jesus Christ, and how to move forward in life since divorce is a life-long journey that affects everyone in its path


David shares his full story, from his point of view of his parents’ divorce, starting from how he was raised in a Christian home, his family served in the church and went every Sunday. But, as he got older in his teen years, he saw some hints of problems that his parents were having but he shrugged it off, thinking that divorce wouldn’t ever be an option.


But, David got the news of his parents’ divorce and everything changed for him. In the first few years after his parents’ divorce, he explained the confusion, hurt, pain, anger, and the emptiness that he felt. He truly believe that Jesus Christ and his grandparents helped him with processing the divorce, learning to forgive, and turn away from living in sin as a ongoing reaction to his unhappiness with his parents and his life.


David then asks Lianna on her background with her parents, seeing that they are still married today and what was going through her mind as she realized that David’s parents were divorced when they were dating.

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