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We are continuing our conversation on divorce. However, we are going to take a different take on this topic by talking about what it was like marrying into a divorced family, how that might affect your marriage and the challenges that comes with it. Overall, this episode is to help you find hope in your story.

We go over three main topics that people that have a Christian background + have divorced parents would probably wonder themselves or vice versa: what it is like to marry into a divorced family, what it is like for your parents to remarry, and if it is possible to still have a healthy and successful marriage.

Lianna, David’s wife, realized the divorce has strange dynamics occurring even now and she thought everyone had gotten “over the divorce” and moved on since it happened so long ago. But, David said that the divorce is something they individually all have to deal with for rest of their lives.

Overall, here are the main two words David wanted you to take away with today’s episode if you have dealt with your parents’ divorce: grieve and grow. Listen more on what those two words means and how it relates to the rest of the episode.

You do not have to feel like your future marriage or current marriage will be like your parents, if they did end up getting a divorce. You can make the change and decide not to take that route in your marriage or future marriage, starting today.


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