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If you have a dream already and you feel like you are lost in your thoughts or fears, this episode is for you. First of all, how do we “go for it”? In this world, we hear messages all the time, mostly found on Pinterest, like “Go for your dreams”, “Make It Happen”, “Don’t quit on your daydream”, “Think it. Want it. Get It.”, and “The world needs you to be you”.


But, how do we strike the balance of going for your dreams and staying aligned with God’s Word? We talk about having the right intentions, the right heart, and going forward in God’s timing. There is a balance of waiting and praying for God to guide us and waiting around and never going after it. God’s timing is the perfect timing. However, it’s your choice to take the first step. The main key in going for your dreams as a Christian is faith and trusting in God.


David just released his book, “Work Hard, Pay The Price, Make It Happen” and we go over the steps he took in going for his dreams and wanted to share it with you in this episode!


Bible verses: Jeremiah 29:11; Isaiah 46:4; Colossians 3:23; John 7:16-18; James 3:14-16


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Have you gotten a copy of “Work Hard, Pay The Price, Make It Happen”?

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