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We invited our very first couple onto The Simple Mission Podcast and it is…Lianna’s parents, Balde & Diana Peña. They have been married for 29 years and are still going strong. We wanted to invite them onto the podcast because they have so much wisdom and knowledge with living a godly, Christ-centered life even when life gets difficult or crazy. We hear their surprising story on how they met and fell in love, how they got to know Jesus even when they were raised in the Catholic church, and how they know that God is still good during the tough times. 


Balde and Diana also share their wise advice on having a great marriage, such as laughing and not being too serious all the time and serving your spouse. In their journey of wanting to know more about Jesus, they each shared how God placed a strong hunger to know Him more in their hearts but did not know where to start. However, they shared how glad they were to be raised Catholic even though they eventually moved on to a non-denominational church where they have been faithful in and serving in for the last 30+ years. If you truly do not know where to begin if you want to get to know God and read the Bible, this section in the episode was created for you!


We asked them how they have been doing during this time of Covid-19 and the aftermath of the protesting, politics, and hate going around. They both have so much to say on this subject and also share encouraging words and Bible verses they cling to for hope and wisdom during unknown and sometimes ugly seasons. 


As always, we ask everyone on the podcast how they discovered their mission according to God’s plans, and you will love their answers and will definitely be encouraged in your own life if you don’t really know your current mission and purpose.


Here are the Bible verses & sections to read to find hope if you are angry or fearful: Psalm 18, Joshua 1:9, Psalm 91


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