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This is the Season 2 Finale Episode! Since it will be our last episode for a while so we can have a short break from podcasting content & focus on the blog and other projects, we kept thinking about what to talk about for this last episode. And we are ending the season with a bang, a huge topic!

We feel like we had to speak on this topic for our last episode, that we as Christians are not meant to be of this world. And, the world does not like that at all. It wants you to be like the world, to fit in, to say all the things, be a part of things and movements that everyone else is a part of. I mean, what is wrong with that?

That is what we will talk about today. Right now, to be honest, it is hard to distinguish between a Christian and an unbelievers. We are not fully following God, but rather, we are following the world and its own values. As believers in Jesus and the Bible, we are going to to stand out against the world. We will end up choosing different things, living differently, saying things differently, no matter whether people say it is dumb or you aren’t following your heart and your dreams. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, there is always something that we follow that we based our lives on.


We go over three main sections that can help define how to not be of the world even when we still live in this world.

1.) Your Foundation Is The Word of God.

2.) Build Godly Character and Values.

3.) Seek Community As You Walk The Narrow Road.


Bible verses & passages mentioned for further study: Luke 6:47-49; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 1 John 2:15-17; Colossians 2:8; Matthew 6:33; John 15:18-19; Matthew 13:3-8, 19-23; Psalm 51:1-3, 10-12; Matthew 7:13-14

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