"How are YOU?" In the day and age of being busy or always online, we realize that we do not practice on taking a pause and reflecting.
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We are officially back with season 4! But, we are starting our first episode a bit differently than we’ve done. We want to have a conversation with YOU. Yes, you, the listeners, and just ask, “How are you?” In the day and age of always being busy, being on our phones, & being on social media constantly, we realize that we hardly put in a practice of taking a pause.  And, we will have some questions that you can answer when you have the chance to be quiet and think for a while & pray to the Lord.

Here are some questions we ask on the episode:

  • Who are you following or allowing yourself to be influenced by?
  • Where are you truly spending a majority of your time?
  • Are you doing well or not so well? Why?
  • Are you on social media, watching YouTube or TikTok more than being with God?
  • Are you being influenced heavily by social media & feeling like you do not amount to anything?
  • Do you feel like time is flying, you procrastinate, and you don’t feel productive at all?

We also share the trends that has taken ahold of our culture and the young generation that is preventing them to live out their God-given mission. Disclaimer: we get very blunt and honest here, but that does not mean that we do not struggle in these trends.

Resources Mentioned: Spiritual Laziness article by Phylicia Masonheimer, Gen Z TikTokers Experiencing Burnout from Social Media by New York Times

Bible Verses Mentioned: Ephesians 5:15-16

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