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Jealousy and envy. We’ve all dealt with having these ugly feelings, emotions, and thoughts about our life and about other people. As we shared in our introduction, we will be sharing some heavier and lighter examples of dealing with jealousy/envy, like longing for marriage, friends, perfect house, start a family, graduate college, having the right look, and more.

We (David and Lianna) share an emotional journey of our waiting season to start a family one day. Over time, God really wrecked both of us, by showing us that it’s okay to let out these feelings of envy and jealousy to Him, because He will not turn away from you. But, we had to allow Him to work and change our heart throughout the process. To celebrate rather than be envious. So, we truly pray and hope this will encourage anyone in their current struggle with envy and jealousy.

Throughout the episode, we first defined and shared examples of what envy and jealousy mean. Then, we dive deeper into why we experience these strong feelings which stems from a place of insecurity and discontentment. Like for example, focusing on what we do not have rather than what we do have, and this does tie into comparison, but it’s even deeper than that. (In our last episode, EP 50, we go over dealing with comparison and feeling stuck due to fear, listen to the episode if you would like to listen!)

The ultimate stealer of your joy when you are heavy in envy or jealousy, is either not knowing or you forgetting where your true identity and worth lies in…Jesus Christ alone. Knowing your true identity in Jesus Christ will help you break free from jealousy and envy with contentment.

We present the problems of envy and jealousy within the Bible which is in the book of James. But, just like the problems of jealousy and envy is presented in James, the solutions and answers on what to do is laid out as well. This will take time, to be patient, practice contentment and prayer. So don’t beat yourself up if you get jealous or envious for it might happen because we are human. But, we do not have to let it consume us. We are never without hope or without redemption, for God has lined out a path to go back to Him every single time.


Bible Verses Mentioned: James 4:1-3; James 4:7-10; James 3:14-16 ESV; 1 Timothy 6:4, 6-9 NLT; Galatians 5:25-26 NLT; Philippians 4:4-7

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