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FIRST episode of 2022! We miss y’all! It’s been about almost 2 months since our last podcast episode, wow. We wanted to share all about how it’s been moving into and living in a fixer-upper during renovations. (If you didn’t know about us moving, it’s all here in the previous episode, EP. 57) We are about 90% percent with the inside of the house. We have been working really hard on it to bring it from the original 1989 to 2022! But, like with all good things, there’s always the tough side. Living in a fixer-upper affected us mentally, due to dealing with crazy schedules, hashing out our conflicts, and being out of our routines. We share the real truths and some lessons we’ve learned as well as advice for you.

AND, SURPRISE…we have our first challenge from The Simple Mission! We are releasing a 14-day Add & Subtract Challenge, which is to push you to be your best self that God has called you to be, starting in the New Year. It starts on Monday, JANUARY 10th and ends on Sunday, JANUARY 23rd

We ask you two questions to give you a head start on thinking and praying about what to do:
1. What is one thing you can “add” into your life for 14 days?
2. What is one thing you can “subtract” out of your life for 14 days?

The whole purpose of the challenge is to get you on a good head start for 2022, but also to help you figure out what is something you have missed doing, always wanted to do, or haven’t done yet. But, it’s difficult to start something if there are other things that are keeping you from pursuing those things, which is why we call for you to also subtract one thing out of your life.

We share tips, ideas, and examples on what you can add into your life and what to subtract out of your life for 2022 in this exclusive episode, and we also share what WE are going to add and subtract in our lives.

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