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At the beginning of 2022, Lianna and I (David) became full-time entrepreneurs. No more benefits, no more punching in the clock. We were punching our own clock now and make our own schedules. This episode is all about the transition, struggles, and the real moments of shifting from full-time to your own time and how God is good through it all.

Even through much uncertainty and unknowns, we did not think we would become full-time entrepreneurs until many years down the road. However, everything began to fall into place – we were dreaming about it, talking with people we trusted, and most of all, praying constantly to God on what to do next.

We also share the true behind the scenes of what goes on in a day or week of an entrepreneur, because we really did not know what our lives would look like on a day to day basis and month to month. This process is really fresh for us all this stuff went down in the past few months! So if you are thinking about doing something like this one day or maybe sooner than you think hopefully we addressed some of your questions, doubts and fears.

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