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We have heard so many stories and experiences regarding church hurt and it really makes us sad because we know what and how the church should be according to God’s Word.

The church was designed and built for the lost, to have a safe place to be able to share their experiences and receive the love of Christ in return regarding the denomination or characteristic of the church. Church hurt happens when people lose sight of that, when the people running the church are sinful humans who make mistakes as well as the people attending. So, let’s talk about it.

Here are the main points we addressed in this episode:

  • We shared the results of our Instagram polls on Church Hurt
  • A few examples of church hurt
  • Our personal experiences with church hurt
  • The danger of placing the church or your pastor/leader on a high pedestal
  • The difference between church hurt vs. getting offended easily or not receiving the truth in love well
  • The ugly consequences of not getting over church hurt
  • Reminder of who the true enemy is and why it’s important to heal from church hurt
  • An encouragement from an helpful article on getting over church hurt



GotQuestions.org, on getting over church hurt, https://www.gotquestions.org/hurt-by-church.html

Church Hurt and 4 Steps for Healing, https://www.alisoncookphd.com/church-hurt-4-steps-healing/

Setting Boundaries As A Christian – Full Church Hurt Story under “Lack of Boundaries – Church”, https://thesimplemission.com/setting-boundaries-as-a-christian/

Church episodes mentioned: Looking For A Church Home – Church Hunters Series, https://thesimplemission.com/02-finding-a-church-home-church-hunters/

The Perfect Church Doesn’t Exist – Tips on what to look for in a church, what not to do & why – Church Hunters Series, https://thesimplemission.com/04-the-perfect-church-doesnt-exist-church-hunters/

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