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Yes, we are talking about dating today! We obviously have not been in the dating world in a long time HOWEVER, we have learned so much since our previous dating era, and we will also share an inside look on one of our dating history lol

We share our thoughts on dating then and now, how to date while pleasing God, and our stance on talking to multiple people at once. Then, we will discuss our opinions on the red flags and green flags while you are dating.

This episode is more geared towards christians, and believers of Jesus Christ who actively live out their faith and desire to date in a righteous, pure, and holy way. 

If you are currently dating or engaged with a long time partner, we highly recommend listening to our most popular episode, Our Struggle With Purity During Dating & Engagement, https://thesimplemission.com/08-our-struggle-with-purity-during-dating-and-engagement/ 

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