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A very important question to ask: should a church encourage kids to transgenderism? That is actually what is going on in a church in Katy, TX.

A recent video from being undercover went viral on Twitter, where Taylor Hansen went into the church, asking questions about the church and about the Transparent Closet that they offered as a service to the community. This was no ordinary closet or just giving out clothes to those in need; no, rather there were clothes, specifically to dress for the opposite gender or sexuality – this was a space away from their parents and family to express themselves freely in closet.

And, that is not all. The church also recently hosted a drag queen bingo, and there were two different events – one was “family-friendly” and a later event for adults only for 18+…inside a church.

Here is something to remember in all of this: we know we are called to love our neighbors, to love everyone as God loves us. He loves every single person on planet earth, no matter who you are.

But, we are not called to enable people into sin, to support their sin – loving your neighbor does not mean to lead them into more sin; it means sharing the truth in love, even if it is not popular, trendy, or liked.

Listen to what else we have to say, the news about the church, and what it means to truly be a Christ-follower in this world…

Bible Verses Mentioned: 2 Timothy 3:1-5; 2 Timothy 4:3-4; John 8:1-11

Resources: Got Question article, https://www.gotquestions.org/born-wrong-gender.html

Taylor Hansen’s tweet & video, https://twitter.com/TaylerUSA/status/1574115770522533892

Katy Church Host Drag Bingo controversy, https://twitter.com/TaylerUSA/status/1574115770522533892 

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