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Investing in your marriage is the #3 episode of our thriving marriage series and this is a SUPER important one!

How do you truly have a thriving marriage? Let’s look at marriage like a garden. You have to work and grow it, tend to it, water it, give it sun and shade, and prune the plants. Your marriage can be like a thriving beautiful garden OR it will be full of weeds, decay, and overgrowth due to lack of pruning. If you are not being intentional or taking inventory on what’s going on in your marriage, how will you know HOW and WHERE to invest your time and energy on?

This is literally the first step AFTER setting the foundation and being on the same page with the Lord and with each other. You have to invest in your marriage; there is just no way around it. Once you got the foundation settled, it’s time to start building on it. We go over 5 ways to start investing in your marriage today!

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