Be Still

Never any time
Now I am drowning,
I need to get out of my own way
So I can be still…
Why do I want to be still again?
I seemed to have forgotten
The truth
How do I be still
In this world,
In the world I created for myself
I never imagined this when I was twelve
All I dreamed of
Was a life like this
I wanted to grow up already
Time was too slow
But now I desire that carefree
And childlike freedom
And faith 
With all the time in the world
To run,
To dance,
To play,
To enjoy the world that my Father
Created for me
Hold on, now, this is the world I created
For myself…
I can change
I can rearrange
Move things around
My priorities
My calendar
My time
My commitments
My mind
But it never stops
It’ll never stop
It gets too much
That I wish to scream
I want to be still…
Why do I want to be still again?
Be quiet…and
Be still 
And know that I am
I am in control
Seek me daily and 
You will find rest
Even during
The crazy
The busy
The distractions
The noise
The world
Your mind
Your pacing
Your franticness
Your heart
Your hurts
Your pain
Your emotions
Your struggles
Your sins
I know them all
But I also know you.
Seek me daily and 
You will find rest
Because I love you
That is 
The truth
Lianna Bond
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Thank you for reading,


Lianna Bond

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