Before the Miracle

Prayer, I have realized,
Is not a wish-list,
To air out my requests,
For miracles I long for
To come true
This is what prayer is:
It is to seek You
When You are near
It is being committed 
To listen and obey 
Even when it’s not 
What I want
Worship, I have understood,
Is not about me,
To raise or not raise my hands
To only praise you when
Life is good
This is what worship is:
It is to fall on my knees in
Your Holy Presence
And Worship is 
Aligning my
Desires to Your will
So, I will still praise You
Before the miracle
I will still worship You
Before the miracle
And if the miracle comes,
I will still praise You, worship You,
And give You the glory
And I know this was done according
To Your will, not mine


Lianna Bond
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Thank you for reading,


Lianna Bond

2022 Planning: 3 Ways to Align With God While Planning Your Schedule, Goals, & Habits
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