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We know that in order to get closer and have a stronger relationship with the Lord, we have to have a time set aside to read the Bible, pray, & write.


Setting a time is often not easy in the beginning and reading the Bible may not be very fun at first and can be boring and put you to sleep. But, when you intentionally cultivate a time devoted to God, He will help you.


We have two ways to help you:


One way is very straight-forward and will help you jump-start the process if you have never picked up or read from the Bible. which is to first, get a physical copy of The Bible, and second, to get a devotional to guide you.


The second way is for anyone that have read the Bible but has lost their passion and doesn’t know how to move past from reading only devotionals. Pick out a book in the Bible and read through it. No, not skim through and find the best parts. But, actively, ask God to open your eyes and learn from Him as you read then read it. Then, write down what you have learned, insights from the Holy Spirit, prayers, and apply it to your life. And, pray for people in your life and yourself.


SIDE NOTE: Devotionals should be supplemental to the Bible, but not the only thing you read. You MUST still read your Bible and not replace it with a devotional.


The important thing to remember during all of this is we all have 24 hours in a day, so we all have the time to seek God and build a stronger relationship with Him. You just have to put Him first before everything else. You can do it.




“Streams in the Desert” by L. B Cowman, “College: Real & Relatable Devotionals for Every College Girl” by Jordan Lee Dooley, BOOK W/ DEVOTIONALS “Wait & See: Finding Peace in God’s Pauses & Plans” by Wendy Pope, “Jesus Calling” By Sarah Young, “The Love Dare” by the Kendrick Brothers, “Mr. & Mrs. 366 Devotionals For Couples” by Rob and Joanna Teigen, “New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional” by Paul David Tripp

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