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In this day and age, we feel entitled to have everything we want within our grasp and at the time we want it. We want  because we deserve it. We want our dreams to be achieved without ever lifting a finger to put in the hard work. And the worst part is that we think we are following the call of God. In all reality, we are not patient and think we deserve happiness, success, and wealth in the name of serving God. However, some of us cannot tell the difference between God’s calling and the world’s calling.

First, we go over the ironic concept of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). We fear we aren’t doing enough or aren’t at the ideal place in life. We use our age as a gauging mark of where we should be at in life: marriage, graduated from college, having kids, having that dream job, etc. But, we have already missed the true and greatest point of all: Jesus Christ Himself.

We share the most craziest command that Jesus declared which is contradictory of the world’s calling: Jesus said to deny yourself daily and pick up the cross.

Here’s a few questions we asked & answered in this episode:

Have you been following God’s calling or your own?

And, what does God say about success?

Bible Verses Mentioned: Matthew 16:24-26, Mark 10:23-27, Matthew 6:33

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