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This episode was fun to research, think, and record on the subject of ways to show love to your significant other. We separated the ways into two section: for dating/engaged couples & for married couples! Some are sweet, and some are spicy! You’ll have to listen to the whole episode to see what those ways are!

One HUGE announcement we wanted to make in this episode is you can submit your questions to us now! We wanted to create a space for you to submit your questions and we will do more short, bonus Q&A episodes starting in season 3, (which is coming up VERY soon!!) Go to the link below to submit your questions! If you think of one later, you can always access the link through our website on the podcast page or our link in bio on Instagram @thesimplemission

Submit questions here! https://forms.gle/VNnBjxNcEussnKYP9 

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