I look around intensely
Focused on the droplets,
Minuscule, really,
Of the crimson trails following
Behind each poor soul
That I encounter
I look back, bewildered
At the massive wave,
Colossal, really, 
Of my own crimson tide 
That was about
To overtake me
There’s no way to deny 
Or to hide
My red tsunami
No way to justify
Myself, no more.
But then a Voice whispers,
“Look up…”
Behold, the brightest
Crimson was flowing
Down a cross and
He cried, “It is finished.”
I hear a roaring crash,
And just like that,
All crimson trails around me
Faded away.
And my crimson tide,
That was caused
By my corrupted 
And dirty hands,
His hand took my hand
And He proclaimed, 
“My Crimson Blood 
Is for you.
Come with me
And follow me.
Because I love you. 
No more keeping score
No more hiding 
No more denying
No more justifying
No more.
Lianna Bond (2022)
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Thank you for reading,


Lianna Bond

2022 Planning: 3 Ways to Align With God While Planning Your Schedule, Goals, & Habits
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