Help me
To remember
Remind me of
Your goodness to me
Your faithfulness
Your sacrifice
All for love
(The bread is Your body)
You were led like a sheep 
To the slaughter
You were beaten and bruised
The evidence is in the scars 
Of Your hands and feet
(The wine is Your Blood)
You poured out Your blood
As an offering
You took on all of my sins 
Though you knew no sin
And paid the full price
But you could not be
Ultimately beaten
You defeated death
And breathed in 
Your first breath of new life
Of resurrection
Of sweet victory
You have never once
Turned away from me
Even though I’ve sinned,
Hid from You,
Relied on my strength
And longed to 
Fulfill My will.
Remind me
To follow Your will.
I need You,
Your love for me
And what You’ve done for me
Brings me 
To my knees
Each time
I remember.
Help me, God,
To remember You.
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Thank you for reading,


Lianna Bond

2022 Planning: 3 Ways to Align With God While Planning Your Schedule, Goals, & Habits
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