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Setting the right boundaries in your life can make a massive impact and will get you started off on a good track on your God-given mission. As Christians, we have a more difficult time to set boundaries or even realize we need boundaries. First, we debunk all the lies that you may have believed about setting boundaries.

We define what boundaries are, what it looks like in real life, our experiences of not having boundaries versus having boundaries, signals on when you need boundaries in your life, reasons why we need boundaries, and quick tips on how to set boundaries.

Resources Mentioned:

Discover Your Purpose – Link to all blog posts to discover your God-given purpose & mission! https://thesimplemission.com/category/purpose-mission/

Bible Verses In This Episode: Matthew 5:37, Proverbs 25:28

This episode is largely influenced & impacted by Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend and the blog post by Soul Shepherding, https://www.soulshepherding.org/jesus-set-boundaries/ 

We have a whole blog post on Setting Boundaries if you rather read it here, but in this episode, we share more exclusive details and tips, so we encourage you to keep listening! https://thesimplemission.com/setting-boundaries-as-a-christian/

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