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It’s been on our hearts for the past month to do a life update and we added a quick Q&A at the end. We wanted to give y’all a fresh look into our lives as we continue in the journey into 2021.Since we all are on the learning journey called life, we wanted to share what we are learning, the goals we have set for 2021, and changes we’ve made into our life.

There’s a little surprise…we updated our podcast cover! Go see what it looks like now!

We asked you all to send us any questions you may have, and we received many great questions that ranged in many topics. It was fun doing the research and discussing some of the questions that we were asked.

Here are the questions that we received and answered on this episode.

Would y’all think about doing a radio broadcast?
Would you ever write a book for The Simple Mission?
When Christian friends or family members pass away, can they see us on earth just like people watch over us?

Thank you all who submitted questions, just so you know the Q&A box is always open if you have a question that you might want to ask.

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