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Yes we said it- Your spouse is NOT God. If you set expectations on your spouse that you expect from God, then you will get disappointed. In reality, you might actually be placing your spouse above God, as an idol, a god. Honestly we all have experienced this in some sort of way in our marriages. But, we need to get our priorities straight with God in order to have a thriving marriage.

There is a godly order to priorities in our relationships: God, your spouse, your children, your family, your church and friends, and so on. But, God wants to be number one in our lives and nothing else!

Your spouse is human – they have fallen short before God just like you. So, we shouldn’t be surprised if we do end up unfulfilled or disappointed – it’s because they are not Jesus for you.

At the end of the day, your spouse cannot truly make you fulfilled – only Jesus can! You are a child of God FIRST, then wife or husband, then parent, & so on. We share more on different bible verses, how our current walk with God is a major indication, and the topic of divorce…

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