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Sometimes, we can look at people around us and wonder, wow, how come I am not there yet? I feel so behind on what I planned to be at this time: still single when you long to be dating; dating when you long to be married; married but long for kids; in college but long to be done with college and live your life; graduated college but haven’t landed the dream job; have 1 good friend but don’t have a big friend group that hang out and travel all the time; the list can go on and on

If we are being totally honest right now, we are in the middle of it right now. It is not easy and it is not a fun spot to be in but we are learning from God to still trust Him and know that His plans for us are good and better than ours.

Dealing with disappointment, discontentment, envy, jealousy, and more – these are detrimental to living out God’s purpose for you. We aren’t entitled to what we want – we are called to deny ourselves, die to ourselves, pick up the cross and follow Him.

Of course, God wants us to be happy, joyful, and be at peace, but IN HIM, not in what we want or what we are striving for. Because the truth is, even if we actually do get the things we have longed for, worked for, and prayed for, those things, possessions, and people will never fulfill us, not truly.

We share some messy but helpful ways to deal with feeling behind on your timeline, how to still be joyful for someone when they get the thing you were wanting and praying for, & still praise and trust God even when you don’t understand and are still in the waiting.


*We were heavily inspired by an episode by Happy and Healthy Podcast, “How to Handle Feeling Behind Compared to Others” hosted by Jeanine Amapola – it is worth the watch or listen if you loved this episode!

Listen to our episode, “51. Envy and Jealousy: How to Break Free With Contentment”

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